Pinners California April 26-27, 2024
Expo Idaho Fairgrounds
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do all tickets include classes?
No. A general admission ticket includes all the shopping and associated make-and-takes, but you'll need a class ticket (wristband) to attend classes.

How do I register for classes and/or update my class schedule?
You can find instructions on how to register for classes on the confirmation email you were sent when you purchased your ticket.

What if I don't get into a class I really want to take?
We save seats in every classroom for "standby line" attendees who were not able to pre-register for the class. You can wait in the standby line outside the classroom before the class begins to claim one of these available seats. Standby seats are first-come, first-served.

Do I have to register for my classes before the event?
It is best to pre-register for classes before the event. Each classroom can only hold a certain number of seats, and pre-registering for the class saves your seat until 5 minutes before class begins. Within 5 minutes of the class beginning, seats are given to attendees in the standby line.

Do I have to pay the "class kit" fee listed with some classes on the website?
Your Pinners ticket will get you into the classes, but if you'd like materials to make projects during the DIY classes, you will need to purchase a class kit from the presenter. Please keep in mind that many classes do not have class kits and other presenters are providing kits and materials free of charge.

How do I purchase class kits? Where do I pick up my kits?
You can purchase class kits from the presenter during their class at the event. Many class kits can also be pre-purchased online as you register for classes through GrowTix by clicking on the time slot of the class you'd like to purchase a kit for. Next to the class you've registered for, you will see a red button that says, "Purchase Class Kit" it will take you to a page where you can then purchase all your kits. You will pick up (and/or purchase) class kits from the presenters at the beginning of their classes at the event. (Keep in mind not all kits are available online for pre-purchase, but all kits can be purchased inside the classroom the day of.) 


How do I register for classes and/or update my class schedule?
As noted on our ticket page, all tickets and class kits are non-refundable. In the event that you are no longer able to attend Pinners, you may gift your ticket to someone else to use. However, Pinners Conference will not be able to transfer any tickets. The ticket, GrowTix login and all associated classes and kits will be in the name of the original ticket purchaser.

Are there any discounts or promo codes?
Yes. We send general admission discount codes to our email subscribers. You can "be cool" and join the Pinners email club by putting your information in our pop-up menu. Our exhibitors and presenter also have promo codes they share on their websites and social media accounts.

Which day can I use my ticket?
All single day admission tickets are good for either day of the show—you can choose which day to attend. VIP tickets and 2-day passes are good both days of the event. 

At the show:

Where should I park? Do I have to pay for parking?
Main parking at Expo Idaho Fairgrounds is good and directly in south of the conference hall. And parking is free of charge :)

Do I have to wait in line when I get to Pinners if I pre-purchased my ticket?
Pre-purchasing your ticket has many advantages, but you will still need to wait in line to get your wristband.If you're planning on attending the first class of the day, we would recommend coming at least 30min prior to your class starting to have time to get your wristband. 

Is there a host hotels or Pinners discounts on hotel rooms?
Yes, you can get a Pinners discount on a hotel room. All the information can be found here on our website.

How do I request an ASL interpreter?
If you need an ASL interpreter please email info@bennettevents.com at least one month prior to the event.